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21 People Ally Should Drink With On Her 21st Birthday

There is no wrong way to consume alcohol, there are just better people to consume it with

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1. Mindy Kaling


Because kidnapping and forcing someone to be your friend is apparently “illegal”, this is a happy medium, and when we all get drunk we can demand that she get back together we BJ, and then the world will thank us.

2. Bill Hader

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He just seems like the best guy to get drunk with, like the kind of person who you make sure you were drinking enough fluids or getting something to eat, yet totally down, also some drunk impressions would be fantastic, and you could quote Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to him all night long.

3. Andy Samberg


You could go on yet another drunk rant about the Lonely Islands, except this time with the man himself! And he would totally respect the constant quoting of his movies and forced attempts to make him laugh, right?

4. Tina Fey


Because having the duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in the same room as us, would be a perfect night, but drinking too? Heaven. Plus you know she’d be down for some kick ass drunk food, like night cheese and pizza.

6. Stephen Colbert


I mean the beard pretty much solidifies the fact that the guy knows how to have a great time, or maybe getting drunk with him would just be an excuse to talk to him, either way the night is a win.

7. Lauren Graham


Because who doesn’t want to go drinking with Lorelai Gilmore? She genuinely seems like a crazy cool person who could only make a night of drinking better, as long as Alexis Bledel isn't invited.

9. Jason Segel


Yes? Yes. I’m assuming the drunk persona he plays in TV and movies is his actual drunk persona, therefore he is a complete delight. Also he could talk about his friend Gideon with Paul Rudd there.

10. Kristen Bell


After we stop drunkenly telling her that her relationship with Logan was Epic, I feel like she has the sass and the smarts to be a wonderful drinking bud and our eventual drunk karaoke would be incredible.

11. Leighton Meester


Blair Waldorf may be the ideal, but I feel like Leighton Meester must be pretty darn cool to be Mrs. Adam Brody, it seems like she would be down to dance on some tables or go to some cool bars, and fingers crossed she brings her hubby along.

16. Connie Britton

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When the drunk tear inevitably come, who better to talk to than Connie Britton, I’m just going to assume she possesses Tami Taylor’s excellent listening and advice abilities, necessary for a good night out.

18. Matt Damon

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You know he enjoys a good night out, and then while tipsy, we can tell him our Matt Damon birthday cake story, which he will find wildly amusing of course. (also finding a picture of Matt Damon drinking is super difficult)

21. Best Friend


Yes drinking with celebrities is the dream, but there isn’t anything like having an amazing time with a best friend.

Happy Birthday!

(Also if you ever drink with any of these people and I’m not there, we are going to have some SERIOUS issues)

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