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9 Ways Pizza Is Like Your Best Friend

Some say pizza is bae. They are not wrong.

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To some, pizza is just a meal.

To others, pizza is a lifestyle.


I didn't choose the pizza life, the pizza life chose me.

1. Pizza understands you when no one else does

2. When you're on the verge of a mental breakdown


Pizza is there for you.

3. When you feel like being bad

4. When you need a smile


Pizza gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't eat anything else.

5. When you're over dating


Pizza is there as your rebound.

6. When you've given up on life

7. When boredom gets the best of you

8. Who needs therapy when there's pizza?

9. Pizza can and will save your life

So go on you pizza lovers

And let pizza pizza work its magic


Jesus take the wheel...and by Jesus, I mean pizza.

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