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    • carloss20

      I couldn’t agree with you more. The album is NOTadance album and shouldn’t be marketed as such. If you really want to show your take onanew direction dont push “Get Lucky” so hard and push one of the other tracks like “Gorgio by Moroder”.Ihave beenafan for 15+ years andIhaven’t be more disappointed about an album in my life.Iheard the first track “Gice life back to music” andIfelt likeIwas going to go onanice ride. Then comes the second song, andIfelt likeIjust got slapped in the face. Each subsequent song up until “Lose yourself to Dance” felt likeIwas sitting inasad depressing jazz club. Nothing on this album was “Dance-able” other than maybe3songs.Asad goodbye is the best description anyone could have written about this album. Very sad.

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