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Testofuel Review: Does It Deserve To Be #1?

Is Testo-Fuel really all its cracked up to be? Well, I've been in personal training for years now and I've seen a lot of products come and go. Testo Fuel is certainly a big step in the right direction.

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What is TestoFuel?

TestoFuel, by Peak Health Labs, is a anabolic support supplement that claims to be all that you need to boost testosterone production, muscle growth and sex drive while reducing bodyfat. Testo Fuel claims to be very health friendly (its made up of all natural ingredients under professional supervision). According to the manufacturer's claim, its usage is endorsed by professional athletes but also relied upon by older men increasing their testosterone production. Considering the claims, the need for an unbiased Testofuel review is pretty glaring.

How does it Work?

Testofuel states that their supplements are manufactured under the guidelines of the FDA in a Good Manufacturing Practice facility in the US. It seems they've also addressed their European customers because TestoFuel is manufactured in the UK in compliance with EU requirements.

TestoFuel seems to be completely safe to use since its comprised of all natural ingredients (plant extracts, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other organic components). Unlike other testosterone supplements, Testofuel has no ingredients that have been banned in either the US or the UK making it a much safer decision for daily consumption. Taken in combination with a healthy diet (As always, this is just as important if not more so than the supplement!) you should see a feel the different in testosterone production and muscle growth in your body. A healthy level of testosterone in your body is absolutely essential for adequate energy levels and increased muscle mass.

You can read what the owners have to say and purchase Testofuel here.

Let's take a closer look at the ingredients found in Testofuel:

Ginseng: This herb is highly popular for increasing the sex hormones and adrenaline levels thus highly helpful in boosting natural testosterone levels.

Vitamin D: it's naturally produced by sun exposure but in some parts of the world, its challenging for body to produce it. Vitamin D is scientifically known to support production of hormones in the body including testosterone.

Fenugreek: A medical study conducted by Australian researchers revealed its testosterone boosting properties.

Magnesium: it's known to help in speedy workout recovery due to its ability to metabolize a wide range of fats and proteins in the body.

Oyster Extract: this is an amazing ingredient to boost testosterone levels, as it contains 10x more zinc than a regular beef steak.

Vitamin B6: This nutrient is a popular health booster and is involved in many primary functions of the body including testosterone production.

D-aspartic acid (DAA): its an amino acid and an amazing booster of testosterone. Its known to boost testosterone levels up to 45% within two weeks.

Also check if you want to see more on how these ingredients work: Do Testosterone Boosters Really Work? Find Out What Science Says

TestoFuel Refund Policy & Pricing

Testofuel is sold in three different ways:

1.Supply for one month: 90 capsules for $69.00 plus handling and shipping charges of $7.95.

2.Supply for two months: 180 capsules for $138.00 plus free shipping worldwide.

3.Four boxes of TestoFuel: 360 capsules, 2 free e-books, one T-shirt plus free shipping worldwide for just $219.00.

Check out more info on these options here on their site (including a couple of their other testosterone products and some other supplements.

The great thing about TestoFuel's shipping is that you will not be signed up for any kind of autoship programs like it occurs with other supplement manufacturers (Believe me this happens a lot!). This means that additional TestoFuel will be sent to you only when you order for it. No fine print, no shady resells, nothing! When I ordered mine it came promptly in 2 or 3 days just as promised (I believe the guarantee is 2-6 days).

TestoFuel is offered with a 90-day money back guarantee. But, in order to qualify for this refund offer you must had purchased a 90 day supply (three boxes of testosterone). I assume this is because it can sometimes take a few weeks or even a couple months to really start to see differences.

I didn't refund my Testofuel, so I can't provide much more details on the process of return or refund :).

Is TestoFuel a Scam?

Now, initially, I was a bit apprehensive about yet another test booster on the market. But, after doing a bit of research and chatting with some bodybuilding friends who have used it (to replace their anabolics actually as a healthy, though obviously less effective), Testofuel has very much grown on me.

TestoFuel recently moved its main operations to the UK where their product is produced. This did make it more difficult to find past history on the company in general, but not impossible. From what I can see, they've got there stuff in order. Looks like their claims of manufacture being up to FDA and EU standards are legitimate.

Having seen Testofuel work for several friends and researched the ingredients, I'm happy to say that I'm happy to use Testofuel.


• Comprised of 100% natural ingredients.

• Boosts sex drive, test production, muscle growth, and burns body fat.

• 90 day money-back guarantee.


• This isn't a miracle pill. As with any supplement, a healthy diet and exercise is required in order for you to see results (Not sure if that is really a con).

• I've heard some talk that the money back guarantee is tied in with a $35 admin fee. But in reality, I think you can expect any company to want to cover their bases in order to not be ripped off by a customer.

The Bottom Line on TestoFuel

What is all comes down to is yes, I recommend TestoFuel. They've got a great product and it works when used right. They've also got a really foolproof gaurantee backing the product. It's definitely worth giving that 90-day money back a shot.

(I definitely recommend Testofuel, but if you're still on the market for or testing out different brands, check out my review of the top 5 T-booster products)

So, yes, I do send my clients and friends to TF. I even use it myself in a cycle with other testosterone products as well as creatine & protein.

I hope this has been helpful for someone out there.



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