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29 Problems Guys Over 6 Foot 3 Face Constantly

Umbrellas are our natural enemy.

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1. For tall guys, so many everyday things are actually instruments of torture. Like bathtubs...

4. Coffee tables are out to get you, ruining your lower back.

Which of the #knicks will be 1st to suffer season-ending back injury signing contract on this ridiculously low table


6. There's basically nowhere you can sit that doesn't cause problems.

7. The chairs in this world are simply not built with you in mind.

10. Or crushed in the backseat after failing to score shotgun.

Tall people should always be allowed shotgun. It's for our health.

11. Airline seats are a joke as well.

12. And airline toilets are a joke that stopped being funny a long time ago.

Hey airlines, when you make a toilet too small for people to have sex in, you also make it too small for tall people.


13. If you want basic human comforts, you'll have to pay money.

16. Historical tours generally require a hell of crouching.

Poor 6ft 5 Abraham Lincoln.


17. Sleep can often be tricky.

18. Even lounging about on the sofa isn't easy.

21. Workouts are constantly hampered by ill-fitting gym equipment.

Never a chin up bar high enough...

22. And having long calves means that it constantly looks like you're skipping leg day.

23. You're always the one that has to help everyone out.

Just @tschaddd being a nice guy helping the old lady reach the top shelf 😂


28. The tall guy life is not as easy as it looks.