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29 Problems Guys Over 6 Foot 3 Face Constantly

Umbrellas are our natural enemy.

1. For tall guys, so many everyday things are actually instruments of torture. Like bathtubs...

2. Showerheads...

3. And even cash machines.

4. Coffee tables are out to get you, ruining your lower back.

Which of the #knicks will be 1st to suffer season-ending back injury signing contract on this ridiculously low table

5. While low desks are determined to destroy your knees.

NorPrawn / Via

6. There's basically nowhere you can sit that doesn't cause problems.

7. The chairs in this world are simply not built with you in mind.

8. Walking down the street on a rainy day inevitably ends in getting poked in the eye by an umbrella.

Michael Blann / Getty Images

9. Transport is also a struggle. Either you're crammed up front driving...

20th Century Fox Television

10. Or crushed in the backseat after failing to score shotgun.

11. Airline seats are a joke as well.

12. And airline toilets are a joke that stopped being funny a long time ago.

13. If you want basic human comforts, you'll have to pay money.

14. Buses aren't much better.

15. People get pretty unhappy with tall guys during concerts.

16. Historical tours generally require a hell of crouching.

17. Sleep can often be tricky.

18. Even lounging about on the sofa isn't easy.

19. Taking selfies with a loved one is basically impossible.

20. And you can never get a really decent hug from them.

Warner Bros.

21. Workouts are constantly hampered by ill-fitting gym equipment.

22. And having long calves means that it constantly looks like you're skipping leg day.

23. You're always the one that has to help everyone out.

Just @tschaddd being a nice guy helping the old lady reach the top shelf 😂

24. And smile politely while hearing the same "witty" observations.

25. Finding clothes that fit is a long and laborious process.

26. Not every tall man is naturally good at basketball.

Jonathan Daniel / Via Getty Images

27. And bumping into people who are even taller feels like gimmick infringement.

28. The tall guy life is not as easy as it looks.

29. But worry not, tall dude. The people love you.

20th Century Fox Television / Via

Just remember to duck when going through doorways.

20th Century Fox / Via

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