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    Reminder: "Independence Day" Had A Brilliantly Weird Trailer

    Welcome to Earf.

    1. Independence Day is one of mankind's finest filmmaking achievements.

    2. Seriously.

    3. It also boasts one of the most brilliantly weird trailers of all time.

    4. How brilliantly weird? This brilliantly weird.

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    5. Ace, right? Let's blow stuff up and break this down.

    6. Boom, date. Timeframes are very important.

    7. All your favourite American landmarks are getting covered in shadow on July 2.

    8. You know shit is about to go down when a monument gets covered in shadow.

    9. Something big.

    10. Something that's caused the man in the back here to void his bowels.

    11. If you slow it right down, you can pinpoint the moment the trickle starts.

    12. Sidebar: Look at how racially diverse the New York presented in this film is here.

    13. Remember, this film came out in 1996.

    14. Anyway, new day.

    15. Will this bring us our first shot of heroic Will Smith?

    16. Nah, more shadows.

    17. And one of director Roland Emmerich's favourite film shots, people running from yellow cabs.

    18. Seriously, he bloody loves this shot.

    19. He also loves vehicular destruction.

    20. You know what else Roland Emmerich really loves?

    21. Explosions.

    22. Lots of big explosions.

    23. Look at those cars flipping like they're empty crisp packets.

    24. Reminder: This film won an Academy Award for VFX in 1997.

    25. Now it's time for the main event.

    26. MONEY SHOT.

    27. Look at the White House go boom.

    28. Roland REALLY likes making Washington go boom.

    29. So there's your trailer.

    30. One of the sweetest things ever, right?

    31. But people watching this trailer had no idea of the superhero dogs the film would feature.

    32. And we've still yet to see the aliens.

    33. Or young, charismatic Will Smith punching said aliens.

    34. We haven't even got a whiff of the raw sexuality that Jeff Goldblum would bring to the picture.

    35. Basically, Independence Day has one of the best, most bizarre trailers of all time.

    36. One more reason why it's one of the best, most bizarre films of all time.

    37. Featuring one of the best, most bizarre presidents of all time.

    38. No pressure on Independence Day 2, eh?