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28 Of The Most Essex Things That Have Ever Happened

TOWIE was just scratching the surface.

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1. Life in Essex just goes by a different set of rules.

Don't fancy having a hair cut here.. #OnlyInSouthend

2. We like to take it easy.

3. Take our graffiti for example.


4. We don't do the whole "Banksy street art" thing.

5. Life here goes at a different pace.

Having to stop to allow chickens to cross the road. Gotta love the countryside #EssexProblems

6. Our fashion staples are a little different from what you may be used to.

7. As is our approach to gift giving.

My last day of teaching yesterday. Student gave me a bottle of something. Wine? Champers? Guess again #OnlyInEssex

8. We're a chatty people.

9. Sometimes it borders on showing off.

Another Essex male trying to prove he has the biggest cock in the world.

Another Essex male trying to prove he has the biggest cock in the world.

10. Life can be hard out here, being constantly faced with nerve wracking decisions.

Full face of make-up on and I want a nap.. In white bed linen. Hmpf, tricky one. #essexgirlproblems

11. Constantly.

want to have a bath but i'd be sitting in a pool of orange :( #essexproblems

12. Some may say we're artificial, but we Essex folk are naturists at heart.

It scares me that a few shops in town feel they need to tell people this #onlyinessex

13. In more ways than one.


14. In Essex, we know how to bring a bit of glamour to the mundane.

Pink bus lights #62 #onlyinessex

15. There's nothing we won't turn a sparkly hand to.


16. No place quite does cars like Essex.

17. No one customises quite like we do.

18. Pimp my Ride, eat your heart out.

Saw this on my way home #why #nojustno #onlyinbasildon #reemnotreem

19. You can't handle our car swag.

This is genuinely someone's number plate #shutup #onlyinessex πŸ™ˆ

20. So yes, while we can sometimes be a bit naff.

Photo-snapping fun in #basildon earlier with @Mike4SBET & @Callaghan2015 and that iconic sign.

21. And prone to slightly exaggerating things from time to time.


22. Essex is truly God's own country.

Via Flickr: nicksie2008


23. Where the people are full of friendly advice to all.

24. And accepting of many an alternative lifestyle.


25. We like to aim high.


26. The police work is top notch and all.

Who is this? We want to ID him in connection with theft of Β£90 worth of condoms in #Witham

27. So while you may find us a bit weird and laughable.

OMG #ThatAwakwardMoment When your Mum sees your naked selfie! Mummy Arg has finally arrived to #TOWIE x

28. Keep it clean please, because we're not above putting critics in their place.

β€œ@piersmorgan: As for @JeremyClarkson claim that Im a 'waste of blood and organs' - that's like being called thick by Joey Essex” Your Thick