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21 Situations Insecure People Absolutely Dread

Small talk is the hardest thing to do.

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1. Any time you have to introduce yourself.

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2. Any time the sentence "Tell us a little bit about yourself" is uttered.

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3. Whenever you meet someone new and try to tell a joke.

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4. Or when you get halfway through a story and realise it goes nowhere.

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5. Or even worse, when you DO finally deliver a well-thought-out anecdote and barely anyone responds.

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"That's cool... I'll just never speak again."

6. If you're a tad insecure, you can come to dread situations where you could be left alone.

7. Like being left alone at a party.

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8. Or arriving early for dinner.

9. But when you're insecure and prone to overthinking, it also means making new friends is harder.

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10. And all forms of small talk are impossible.

11. Small talk while getting your hair cut? Impossible.

12. Chit-chat in a lift? Impossible.

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13. Small talk on dates? Let's not even go there.


14. You can come to dread describing anything.

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15. Explaining weekend plans to co-workers can feel like pulling teeth.

16. While talking about yourself in job applications can feel like an elaborate torture system.

17. You can feel your dating life ebb away.

18. Because for the most part, you just don't want to disappoint anyone.


19. Group assignments make us sad because we don't want to spread our dull.

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20. And meeting someone IRL for the first time fills us with fear that we won't live up to expectations.

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21. So please think of your friends who'd much rather not talk.

They're trying. Really.