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    25 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Ghana

    It's all sunshine and great wildlife. Gross.

    1. Firstly, there's just no culture there.

    2. Just no vibes.

    3. The wildlife is pretty dull too.

    4. Everyone's seen elephants in the flesh by now *yawn*.

    5. The fashion is a bit different to what you may be used to.

    6. There's no history there.

    7. The food is terrible.

    8. What is there to do?

    9. And don't get us started on education.

    10. Nothing to see here.

    11. Their markets are nothing special.

    12. And the harbours? Pfft...

    13. Nothing to write home about.

    14. Why would you want to be here?

    15. Honestly, who would want to spend time here?

    16. Ugh... look at that view.

    17. Who would want to be surrounded by all this?

    18. It's just so backwards.

    19. And don't get us started on the transport.

    20. It's just full of uptight people.

    21. It's not like anyone of note has been to visit recently.

    22. The parks are really dull.

    23. And the rivers there are tiny.

    24. Why would you want to end up as wound up as this woman?

    25. Yep, just nothing much to celebrate here.

    Home of the azonto too.