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    17 Summer Problems Every Black Person Faces

    Yes, we can swim.

    1. Constant questions about whether we tan.

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    2. Constant questions about whether we sunburn.


    "I mean, my melanin keeps me fresh, but I SUPPOSE if I stayed out there for a long time..."

    3. Having to listen to people obsess over their tan can be incredibly tedious.

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    "No please, continue."

    4. While trying to relate to people struggling with their sunburn can be tricky.

    5. This stupid joke always comes up.

    6. And so does that bullshit around whether black people can swim or not.

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    7. We can swim. Really well actually. It's just our hair can get messed up.

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    8. Kind of troublesome getting everything up in a swim cap.

    Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Via Getty Images

    9. Summer BBQs and family reunions can get just a tad oversized.

    10. As can trying to figure what makes you related to someone there.

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    "Wait... so you're my Aunt's best friend's child? Why does that make us cousins? Ah well."

    11. It also comes with a number of risks; like trying to steal meat from the pot.

    12. Or making sure a family member doesn't hurt themself on the grill.

    13. There's always one drunk Uncle who you should probably avoid.

    "Them ribs tender like I boiled em, ain't they???...I ain't boil them ribs!"

    14. And one Auntie who you definitely don't want to cross.

    15. Finding that perfect summer banger can be hard.


    16. And so can picking up the accompanying dance to it.

    17. But our biggest struggle is figuring out how the rest of y'all struggle to keep cool.

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    Because we're feeling so fresh and so clean.

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    So grab a fan.

    Bravo / Via

    Make sure you stay hydrated.

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    And enjoy the summer.

    It's always better than being cold again.

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