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18 Things People Who Have Procrastinated With Wikipedia Will Know

It's 4am and you can't log off.

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1. The Wikipedia hole is a friend to many a procrastinator.

I've been lost in a Wikipedia rabbit hole so long tonight that I actually know what a rabbit hole is.

2. An ally to those struggling to get a good night's sleep.

"Down The Wikipedia Rabbit Hole": The true story of my wasted, undirected, insomnia-driven, late night reading exploits.


3. A learning journey full of left turns...

Spent all last night reading about Atlantis. Fell down the craziest Wikipedia hole and didn't get to sleep until 3am. The Internet, man.

4. And "I can't believe it that shit happened" nostalgia.

deep in the rabbit hole reading the wikipedia page on air bud. the internet has enabled great things.

5. You've told yourself, "It's not procrastinating, I'm learning stuff" many a time.

Randall Munroe / Via

6. But the Wikipedia hole is an online maze unlike any other.

i just got into the deepest wikipedia hole of my life it started with mad max and ended up on red fuming nitric acid???

7. And everyone has their own preferred poison.

New Wikipedia black hole: Russian celebrities who are not famous outside of Russia.

8. Be it weird deaths...

Wikimedia Commons / Via

Like Franz Reichelt, who fell to his death testing his parachute invention.

9. Conspiracy theories...

Up until 2am last night in a Wikipedia K-Hole which resulted in consuming every John Lennon interview I could find.

10. Or something all together a bit weirder and niche.

And just like that, you've gone down the wikipedia rabbit hole & you find yourself on Steve Martin's page reading about his art collection.

11. When you're a wiki-hole veteran, you end up with detailed knowledge on some of the weirdest Popes.

Jean Paul Laurens Le Pape Formose et Etienne VII 1870.jpg


Wiki-hole veterans know about Pope Formosus.

12. And you've played the Philosophy page game before.

13. Not to mention been mesmerised by Wikipedia's collection of glorious GIFs.

14. Wiki-hole veterans love correcting people based on "common misconceptions" page.

15. And the "common misquotations" page? Full of sweet nourishment.


16. Wikipedia holes make for a heady intellectual tonic.

Discoveries while deep in a Wikipedia rabbit hole: Greece has changed Prime Ministers 182 times in past 200yrs. UK has changed PMs 53 times.

17. Full of pointless learning and fun time wasting.

Just fell down the rabbit hole of Wu Tang Clan Wikipedia entries. Highly recommended for the time poor

18. A K-Hole. Only the K is knowledge

"Well, that was an evening well spent " I think, as I emerge from the black, time consuming hole that is Wikipedia.

Thanks for all your help Wikipedia.

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P.S. If you have Chrome, you can use Wiki Mapper to get graphs of your progress.

WikiMapper / Via

Just try not to end up like this.