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Lebron James Has The Best Handshake Switch Up You Will Ever See

Smooth hands, quick transition. That's why he's the best in the world.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers can be pretty happy following their Game 2 win over the Golden State Warriors.

The a 95-93 OT win now ties the NBA Finals series 1-1.

And during their post-game celebrations, we bore witness to Lebron James' superb switch up in handshakes between James Jones and Matthew Dellavedova.

lebron's most impressive moment tonight was this gorgeous transition from Black Guy Handshake to White Guy Handshake

Lebron has a signature handshake for everyone on his team.

Here he is with Kyrie Irving.

And here he is with Iman Shumpert.

But when it comes to Dellavedova, it's all business.

Apparently it's a joke the two have shared all season.

But how does Lebron pick who gets which handshake? Look at him with Magic Johnson and Jalen Rose, compared to Bill Simmons.

Though 'Birdman' Chris Andersen does get his own shake.

Lebron is not the only person fond of a quick handshake switch-up - NFL quarterback Cam Newton is another.

Dude was really happy to see Ray Lewis.

You know who else likes a switch up? BARACK OBAMA.

Here he is congratulating Kevin Durant at the 2012 Olympics. Nice work Obreezy.

Oh boys, what are you like?

Thumbnail credit – Frederic J. Brown / AFP via Getty Images