21 Reasons Why Dave Chappelle Is The Realest Comedian Around

    It's great to see Dave touring again. His fans have missed him

    1. Dave Chappelle is one of the finest comedians to ever do it.


    2. He also doesn't give a fuck and refuses to pull punches.

    3. Like that time he played R Kelly.

    4. Dave don't give a fuck when it comes to R Kelly.

    5. Dave will take on all of your favorite musicians.

    6. Tell you who the Top 5 rappers are.

    7. Reveal Prince's talent for basketball.

    8. P Diddy's dietary requirements.

    9. While also reminding you of those lost in the struggle.

    Comedy Central

    10. Dave don't care.

    11. He has no time for gracious victory speeches.

    12. Or sugarcoating the tense relationship black people can have with the police...

    Via rebelartssociety.tumblr.com

    (This segment is 15 years old.)

    13. ...the workplace...

    14. ...and society in general.


    15. He's also been oddly prescient on things. Like how 11 years ago he called out the media for their love of Ja Rule.

    16. Or how a black President will take us to Mars.

    Comedy Central

    (The black President sketch was made four years before Obama was elected.)

    17. So thank you Dave, for always keeping it real.

    18. For always being honest.

    19. For always finding new ways to tell the stupidest jokes.

    20. And being the goofy hero the world needs.

    21. And this, the greatest Kanye West story ever told.