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    Here's How To Avoid Stank Crotch This Summer

    Your penis goes through a lot. Look after it properly.

    Anyone with balls will understand the issue of "swamp crotch" when the weather starts getting warm.

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    Or sweaty balls, or ball sweat, or stinky scrotum. Call it what you will, but it's a problem that needs to be addressed. Along with your armpits and your face, your genitals are a key hygiene area that might require some added attention as the temperature increases.

    First up, make sure you're washing properly.


    "Washing should be done with gentle/normal cleansers such as soap. Mild detergents (body washes) can be used, but can cause sensitivity. Products that are used on the face such as glycol cleansers should be avoided," Dr. Michael Tee, cosmetic doctor at the Harley Street Clinic in London, tells BuzzFeed Life.

    This is a great guide on how to correctly wash your penis. Use warm water to clean your penis, groin, and testicles, but be careful not to be too overzealous, as to avoid irritating the skin. Using cooler water is also advisable to improve sperm production in the testes.

    It's important to towel off properly after washing too, as moisture is a key factor in causing smells.

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    "It should be remembered that sweat is in fact odourless, it is only when it is broken down by bacteria that it smells." says Tee. The key to making sure you're as a fresh as possible is to limit the amount of moisture before the breaking down takes place. "Thorough drying of the area after a shower (using a hair dryer if necessary) is vitally important to prevent or reduce these problems."

    If you are still struggling with odours, cidal soap is an option to help against the bacteria causing them.

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    Tee says, "Using cidal soap, which is antibacterial, can significantly reduce odours even if sweating still occurs."

    If you're a fan of skinny jeans, using a little powder can help as well.

    There's no problem using deodorants, but you shouldn't spray your regular antiperspirant on your genitals.

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    "Antiperspirants should be avoided, as they work by blocking sweat glands. This can lead to irritation and rashes," Tee tells BuzzFeed Life.

    Finally, make sure you're wearing decent underwear, avoiding synthetic products.

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    Try your best to wear good, clean, well-fitting underwear that allows for maximum breathability and keeps your testes cool. "People who constantly sweat in the groin region are at increased risk of developing fungal infections. These are very sore and uncomfortable," says Tee, "but can be easily treated with appropriate creams. In summary, cotton boxer shorts are ideal."

    So now you know. Now run along and play.

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