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    #FesterSkank - 17 Vines Of The New Dance That's Taking Over

    Bet you can't wait to pull this one off in the club.

    This is grime artist Lethal Bizzle.

    Bizzle first popped onto the scene nearly 10 years ago with his track Forward Riddim (Pow).

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    A rave and clubbing staple, the track managed to earn Lethal Bizzle a MOBO award and a #11 spot in the UK charts despite being banned from a number of radio stations on release.

    Recently he's become known for his catchphrase "Dench".

    Via Facebook: lethalbizzlemusic

    Meaning something that's quite good.

    Dame Judi is a fan.

    Dame Judi #DENCH & @gregjames in a #STAYDENCH SnapBack !!!!!!!


    Dame Judi #DENCH & @gregjames in a #STAYDENCH SnapBack !!!!!!!

    5:33 PM - 24 Oct 12ReplyRetweetFavorite

    He's also very concerned about your personal wellbeing. / Via

    Like all good safety commissioners, Lethal likes to tell you to "LEAVE IT YEAH".

    Always better to let things sort themselves out, rather than meddle y'know?

    Lethal Bizzle has a song coming out soon called "Fester Skank."

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    Out in April, this is a future club banger.

    It's got a rather unorthodox dance to it.

    Named after Uncle Fester from The Addams Family.

    Here's Lethal showing you how it's done.

    Remember The Bernie? It's a bit like that with your neck scrunched in.

    UEFA / Via

    So named after Uncle Fester from "The Addams Family."

    So named after Uncle Fester from "The Addams Family", who we all remember was a stud.

    Paramount Picture / Via

    PICTURED: A man in charge.

    Here's how one #DenchGang member does it.

    Bonus points for holding a bottle, just like Bizzle.

    Bizzle's love of Nandos gets a mention in this one.

    It's turning into the pre-drink dance of choice.

    #TunUp vibes here.

    The slow grab makes this one.

    Don't drink? Milk works as a good substitute as well.

    In more ways than one.

    Some use it as a quick all-body warm up before a bit of Sunday League.

    People are doing it at work.

    In their living rooms.

    While making breakfast.

    It's really fun for the whole family.

    People are getting inventive with their props while dancing.

    Eventually got my dad to the the #FESTERSKANK @LethalBizzle

    S B@scotty2308Follow

    Eventually got my dad to the the #FESTERSKANK @LethalBizzle

    12:40 PM - 19 Feb 15ReplyRetweetFavorite

    It's becoming the stuff of snapchatting lore.

    β€œ@LouieSavory4: @LethalBizzle @KeironSmit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#FESTERSKANK ”

    kieren joseph@kierenjoseph11Follow

    β€œ@LouieSavory4: @LethalBizzle @KeironSmit #FESTERSKANK ”

    7:18 PM - 12 Feb 15ReplyRetweetFavorite

    It's proving especially popular with those driving a Lamborghini as the song mentions.

    Both kinds.

    @LethalBizzle @FrazerTiong #FesterSkank #Lambo

    Henry Symons@HenrySymonsFollow

    @LethalBizzle @FrazerTiong #FesterSkank #Lambo

    5:25 PM - 17 Feb 15ReplyRetweetFavorite

    We wonder what the big man himself thinks of becoming a dance craze...

    Paramount Pictures / Via

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