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    21 People Having The Most Rock And Roll Friday Nights

    Who needs tequila when you have books and green tea?

    1. Friday nights are for rock and roll.

    Friday night fun = font hunting. Woo! So rock and roll...

    2. For hard living and sticking it to authority after a week of work.

    Rock and roll friday night working out my finances - I know how to party hard #rave

    3. For late nights.

    Friday night, 8.50pm and I am going to bed!!! Rock and roll my life!

    4. No, later than that.

    Just after 9.30pm on a Friday night and I'm already in bed. I'm so rock and roll

    5. Later...

    Absolutely wiped out this week. Rock and roll Friday night, in bed by 10pm.

    6. Keep going...

    Is it acceptable to go to sleep at 10.15pm on a Friday night? #RockAndRoll👴👵

    7. That's it. Mad for it.

    In bed at 11 on a Friday night .. Talk about rock and roll!!

    8. It's time to get on the brews.

    9. And if you're inclined, some harder substances.

    Sucking the fizzy bit off a cola bottle sweet,is how rock and roll I am this Friday night

    10. It's time to eat some food that's just bad for you.

    11. Like... really bad.

    My rock and roll plan for Friday Night is to see how nice the brand new fish & chip shop down the road is.

    12. Kill off a couple brain cells acting crazy.

    Friday night dissertation and gluten free granola bars. How very rock and roll ✌️

    13. Hang out with some unscrupulous characters.

    Friday night. Fire going, cup of tea and Miss Marple. I'm so rock and roll it hurts.

    14. And learn how to stack paper like the most gangsta of gangsta rappers.

    How rock and roll am I friday night and im sitting in reading about growth hacking strategies for #startups

    15. Friday night is for getting on your best glad rags.

    I'm so #rockandroll on a Friday night

    16. And taking risks.

    Friday Night Pantone Picking. Rock and Roll.

    17. To cut loose and switch it up.

    Clearing out my wardrobe on a Friday night. I literally am so rock and roll it hurts.

    18. Friday nights are all about savouring some me time.

    Friday night scrabble... Rock and roll.

    19. More of us should take out time to enjoy the little things on our Friday nights.

    20. Enjoy it.

    Watching The Princess and The Frog on a Friday night because I'm just so rock and roll.

    21. These people certainly are.

    Another rock and roll Friday night. Who needs wine anyway?

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