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18 Things People Who Don't Watch TV Are Tired Of Hearing

You're not pretentious or anything, you just prefer the internet.

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1. "What do you do instead then?"

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I dunno. Stuff I guess.

2. "Oh so do you read loads of books?"


Not really...

3. "So what, you think it rots your brain or something?"

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I dunno. I just don't watch it.

4. "You've got Netflix though?"

Netflix / Via

Nope. Sorry.

5. "But you use iPlayer then right?"


6. "I bet you do it to skip out on your TV license."

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7. "I don't believe you."

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Nope. Not lying.

8. "You're not one of those pretentious people are you?"

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I hope not. I'm just too lazy to watch one thing for an hour with adverts.

9. "You go to the cinema a lot?"

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At £17.50 for a ticket? Behave.

10. "You should definitely find time for Breaking Bad/The Wire/Sopranos though."

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FIVE seasons? Oh come on...

11. "So how do you keep up with stuff?"

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I dunno. Internet.

12. "I wish I could do that. I watch far too much crap."

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13. "I bet loads of conversations just fly over your head."

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Kinda. The internet helps.

14. Anything about Broadchurch. / Via

"Why are you all watching something when you hate it?"

15. Anything about Game of Thrones.

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16. "So, what do you talk about with your friends?"

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Each other, mostly.

17. If you don't own a TV, you've probably heard this tidbit.

18. But the worst thing to hear above all, is the deafening silence as the conversation falls stone dead.

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I'm not that weird. Please talk to me.