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November 2017 Playlist

Here is a playlist for your November, and not one song on here is a Christmas song. You're welcome. (All links, as always, go to YouTube).

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1. Surrender by WALK THE MOON


I loooooove WALK THE MOON's new album, and this is one of two songs on it that is going to be on this playlist. It's fantastic, and is great for night drives (you know how I like my night drive songs). "This is the moment of surrender." Ugh, gives me chills and nostalgia for a romance I never had.

2. I Know by Aly & AJ


OHMYGOD so I was obsessed with Aly & AJ when I was little, and I am STILL OBSESSED now. They had a stint as 78Violet, and while I appreciate their music, I never really liked it as much as their older stuff. This, however, is mature, vibey, and lends itself very well to fall.

3. Remember Me (DĂșo) by Miguel and Natalia Lafourcade


So, I am so excited for this movie to come out, and this song has just increased my excitement tenfold. It is a beautiful, melodic song that definitely earns a spot on every fall playlist of mine.

4. Beg by Jack & Jack


So I know these boys were once a part of MagCon but I don't know much else about them -- except that this song is fire. Love it, I listen to it all the time, literally just for the way they sing "beg" in the chorus.

5. Young Dumb & Broke by Khalid


So I am little late on this bandwagon, however, this song is amazing and needs to be on this playlist. I love Khalid and I love the lyrics to this song (not to mention the vibes, which if you haven't noticed, is pretty much what I'm all about). I mean, I think everyone can relate to this because weren't we all young, dumb, and broke high school kids at one point?

6. Kamikaze by WALK THE MOON


I already told you, there would be two WALK THE MOON songs on this playlist. Aaaaaand here's 2/2! This song is fun but still carries the same nighttime vibes. I would imagine this song would be a good song for your squad to walk into a bomb-ass party to. Mama, I'm a kamikaze.

7. Gorgeous by Taylor Swift


I just want to put something out there: people are allowed to like whatever they like, and you shouldn't put people down because of the music they listen to. That being said, I really like this song. Honestly, I am a casual fan of Taylor Swift (I'm saying this because her Speak Now album was really formative for me). However, this is really the only newer song of hers I've liked. I haven't heard much of reputation, and I only liked some of 1989. You've probably heard this, but if you haven't, give it a go. You might like it.

8. Chihiro by Yoste


So um, I didn't know this until I had to find a picture for this playlist but, Yoste is like really cute??? Okay, sorry, got distracted. This song is so ambient and zen, I love it (I also love the fact that it shares the name of one of my favorite animated characters of all time). This song honestly makes me feel like I am just like floating in a body of water underneath the stars. That's a weird description but if you listen to the song I 100% think you'll agree with me.

10. Seeing Blind by Niall Horan ft. Maren Morris


Y'all had to know that Niall Horan (aka the love of my life) was going to make it on this playlist. You should listen to all of Flicker, for sure. I am going to say it again for emphasis; you should listen to all of Flicker. This is my favorite song off his new album. It is so cute and I also really like Maren Morris, so win-win.

11. Dante's Creek by THEY.


Holy moly this song... It is honestly so amazing and I am in love with THEY. I had never heard of them before, and one of my friends was very insistent that I look this band up, and boy am I glad I did. So, so good, and not necessarily what you expect. 10/10 would recommend.

13. Wildflowers by Miley Cyrus


I am incredibly sad that we lost Tom Petty this year, so don't even get me started on that. Not only is this an amazing tribute to him, but it is also peak Miley music. This version of the song is beautiful and her vocals lend themselves to it so well you'd think Wildflowers was one of Miley's songs. This cover is probably one of my favorite songs of all time and is the perfect closer for my November playlist.

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