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    10 Signs You Read Too Much Enid Blyton As A Child

    Brought up on the Famous Five and The Twins At St Clare's? You might find most of this familiar...

    1. Food is immensely important to you, and must always be served with lashings of ginger beer.

    Bonus points if you know that 'lashings of ginger beer' is never actually said in any of Enid Blyton's books. Extra bonus points if you know where it is from!

    2. You always wanted your own island

    The Famous Five had Kirrin Island, and those kids in The Secret Island managed to live all by themselves on their own island for ages. Where was your island?

    3. If you couldn't have your own island, your own shed would do

    The Secret Seven had their own shed in the garden to have their meetings in. All you had was a rubbish Wendy House you had to share with your sister.

    4. You live in hope of finding a magic land at the top of a tree

    The Magic Faraway Tree had all sorts of cool places at the top of it. It's always nice to be optimistic about these things.

    5. Boarding School seemed like a pretty cool place to be

    Midnight feasts? A swimming pool filled by the sea? Pranks on the French teacher? Your school always seemed so boring in comparison.

    6. You'd rather live in a tree house of some kind. Or a house made out of a tree

    Everybody in Enid Blyton seemed to live in trees. The Magic Faraway Tree, Hollow Tree House, and the living willow tree house in The Secret Island...much more exciting than your flat.

    7. You rather liked the idea of joining the Circus

    According to the series of Circus books, all it took was a particularly clever dog, apparently. And it would be dead easy to convince your parents.

    8. You definitely needed that particularly clever dog

    A gang isn't a gang without a dog. Jimmy from Mr Galliano's Circus had Lucky. The Famous Five had Timmy. The Secret Seven had Scamper. You needed a dog side-kick of your own, for sure.

    9. You've spent your life trying to figure out the recipe for pop biscuits

    Honey filled biscuits that popped when you bit them? Yes please! Toffee shocks sounded pretty good too...

    Luckily, some internet genius has figured out a recipe for pop biscuits. You're on your own for the toffee shocks though.

    10. You can't see a cave or mysterious path without wanting to explore it

    Who knows what adventures you might miss out on if you don't! It's best to be sure about these things.