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Deadmau5 Became The Biggest Troll At Ultra Music Festival 2014

Ultra Music Festival Miami, a massive annual electronic music festival, took place this past weekend beginning on March 28th and ending on March 30th. Not surprisingly, Deadmau5 did not fail to shock the attendees and those viewing the live stream with some of his notorious antics.

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Meet Joel Thomas Zimmerman AKA Deadmau5: the 33-year-old, mouse-head-wearing, Canadian DJ and Producer best known for his 2009 hit "Ghosts N Stuff".


Deadmau5 has not been shy about sharing his feelings surrounding the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Community, music festivals, and other things.

Deadmau5 was asked to fill in for Swedish DJ and Producer, Avicii, who was scheduled to play the closing set on Day 2 of the music festival, but cancelled at the last minute due to emergency gall bladder surgery. / Via Billboard

At first it seemed that Deadmau5 was more than happy to take Avicii's place, tweeting: "well... looks like my stay here in miami just got extended for a couple more days ;)", but following his set, it seemed others weren't too convinced.

Despite many EDM fans' disappointment with his overall set, there was one specific part of his set, which surrounded a fellow DJ and Producer who performed earlier that day, that seemed to stir up mixed emotions...

Meet said DJ: Martijn Garritsen, better known by his stage name, Martin Garrix, is a 17-year-old, Dutch DJ and Producer and newcomer to the EDM scene, who recently experienced major success with his first release "Animals".

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Though he is very young, Martin Garrix has been said to be leading the way for the new generation of EDM. He has even been mentored by well-known DJ and Producer, Tiesto.

Deadmau5's epic "troll" moment occurred when he surprised Ultra attendees and live stream listeners alike as he incorporated a remixed version of Garrix's "Animals" with the children's nursery tune "Old MacDonald" - an unprecedented move.

View this video on YouTube / Via EDMCentral

He went a step further when he screamed, "I fuckin' love this track!"

Not only did listeners voice their opinions on Deadmau5's strange addition to his set, but it was later reported that fellow DJ, Producer, and mentor of Garrix, Tiesto, had a few words of his own.

Deadmau5 also incorporated Avicii's mainstream hit "Levels" into his set, though it is debated whether this was another "troll" or simply a tribute to the DJ he had to replace suddenly. Deadmau5's opinion of "Levels" can be seen below.

View this video on YouTube / Via movingincircles

Regardless, Deadmau5 proved that he never fails to stir up controversy and still doesn't give a fuck. Well played, Deadmau5. Listen to his full set below:

View this video on YouTube / Via theBKLounge

Keep on trollin'.

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