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7 Reason's To Join SHARE

You probably hear about how much fun SHARE is but what are some concrete reasons to join?....

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1. Knowledge is Power

In SHARE learn so much about sexual wellness and how to lead a sexually healthy lifestyle. But you can also help others feel the power too! By doing presentations and workshops around campus you spread the knowledge and help empower others to make educated decisions about their sex lives!

2. Make A Difference on Campus

Not only are you spreading knowledge, but you can also help bring things to campus. Part of the SHARE experience is being encouraged to create unique programs and opportunities for empowerment. Every year Peers are looking for new things to bring to campus and create a long-lasting impact.

3. Get in touch with your inner activist

It's impossible to talk about sexual health topics without discussing reproductive rights and social justice. Our group is a safe and empowering space to openly think about how you can effect the change that is important to you and your communities. Sometimes after class you just want to go out and change the world. The best part- you can and you will!

4. Learn about other's experiences/identities

SHARE is full of diverse people that are more than happy to share their backgrounds and perspectives. SHARE can open your eyes to new ways of thinking that you may not have been able to experience otherwise.

5. Be involved

Through SHARE you are made aware of most of the campus events. Whether it's town halls, random campus events, or even just knowing about groups on campus; you're more likely to get involved in the campus community.

6. Personal growth

It’s nearly impossible leave SHARE as the same person you entered. Throughout the year you are exposed to so many different people, situations, and events that can either change your opinions or strengthen them. Sort of like a makeover, but for your soul!

7. Making AMAZING friends

The people you meet in SHARE are probably the best people you will ever meet. After spending a year with these amazing people you will forever be blessed with a group of amazing friends who are always there for you.

To apply to join SHARE or any of our other amazing peer educator groups follow this link to get more information and apply! Applications typically go live at the beginning of February and interviews are conducted around Spring Break, so be on the look out!

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