14 Times Mindy Lahiri And Danny Castellano Were Perfect

The evidence doesn’t lie. The chemistry’s undeniable.

1. When THIS happened

2. That time he adjusted her glasses so she could see

So thoughtful.

3. That time there was turbulance

…And he was like, you ok? And she was like, yeah. And we were all like, ahkjhkjdgh.

4. That time he was concerned for her mental health

5. That time he couldn’t help but gaze at her beauty

6. That time he opted for the couch

7. That time he subtly placed his hand on the small of her back to protect her from oncoming traffic


8. That time they pretended to be a real-life couple and he kinda liked it

I mean, look at that smile

9. That time he told her she was great while simultaneously making her breakfast

10. That time she cuddled him because she was scared

In his bed. Wearing his clothes.

11. That time she brought him a friendship cake

Again, thoughtful.

12. That time they shared their likes with one another

13. That time they posed together at Wiener Night

14. And when THIS happened


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