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    31 DIY Costume Ideas To Rock For SantaCon

    One day a year in cities all around the world, Santas roam the streets for a day of fun and drinking. While dressing as Saint Nick himself is the popular choice, here are some costumes that will make sure you stand out.

    1. Batman Santa

    2. Star Wars Santa

    3. Cowgirl Santa

    4. Super Santa

    5. Con Santa

    6. Victoria's Secret Santa

    7. Thor Santa

    8. Scuba Santa

    9. Avatar Santa

    10. Chicken Santa

    11. Gumby Santa

    12. Three Musketeers Santas

    13. Santa Fe

    You don't have to just be Santa...

    14. Snowflake

    15. Snowman

    16. Candy Cane

    17. Santa's Deadline

    18. Ralph from A Christmas Story

    19. The Nutcracker

    20. The Grinch

    21. Elves

    22. Buddy the Elf

    23. Abominable Snowman

    24. Children waking up on Christmas morning

    25. Reindeer

    26. Presents

    27. Christmas Tree

    28. Fireplace

    29. Gingerbread Man

    Don't worry. Everyone can join in...

    30. Hanukkah Harry


    Honorable mention to Robot Santa

    31. Dreidels

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