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28 Ways You Know You Went To A Performing Arts High School

"OMG was your school like Fame?!"

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1. No matter where you were, you always heard faint sounds of music playing.

2. Your cliques were not the typical high school cliques.


3. Jocks did NOT run your school.


Maybe because there were no jocks.

4. You probably didn't even have any sports teams.


It's okay Mariah... we understand.

5. And if you did, your mascot was really lame.

6. Let's be honest... you probably didn't even have a gym.

Just a stage.

Just a stage.

7. Competition for the part was fierce.

8. Since everyone was POSITIVE they would be famous one day.



9. I mean you DID have to audition to get in...

10. Talent shows were like broadway productions.

11. And hallways were more frequently used for practicing than they were for getting from class to class.


12. Lockers were a work of art.

13. You had no idea what an elective was.

14. You often got asked if your school was like Fame.

15. Or Glee.

16. Or maybe Center Stage.

17. Or if you even took regular classes.

18. Nobody had to be in the closet at your school.

19. And graduation wasn't boring to sit through.


Performances? Famous alumni? Yes please.

20. The dancers always had dents in their hair from constantly wearing buns.

21. And the drama kids had a very unique sense of style.

22. The art kids likely made their own clothes.

23. This was a normal occurrence.

24. So was this.

25. Let's face it... our school was weird.

26. But our school creates stars.


Try not to get starstruck...

27. And we will likely be famous ourselves pretty soon.

28. So take that, kids who went to normal schools!

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