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24 Signs You're Topanga Lawrence From "Boy Meets World"

"I’m a damsel, but not the distressed kind, one who’s very together and in complete control of her own destiny."

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1. You are fiercely independent.

2. You don't mind making the first move.

3. You bring the party wherever you go.

4. You can be a little jealous from time to time...

5. Okay, maybe really jealous.

6. But it's only because you love attention.

7. You can be silly.

8. And nothing comes between you and a slice of pizza.

9. You can be extremely forgiving.

10. But nobody can take advantage of your kindness.

11. Because payback is a bitch.

12. You have a tendency to get competitive.

13. You are a hopeless romantic.

14. You're a guys girl.


With great hair I may add.

15. And your boys are very protective of you.

16. You're attracted to men for their hearts, not their looks...

17. And apparently not for their brains either...

18. You have no shame.

19. Because you know you're hot.

20. But sometimes you can get a little self conscious.

21. Sometimes you act without thinking.

22. You're a heartbreaker.

23. Let's face it... YOU'RE AWESOME!

24. Topangas of the world, let your freak flag fly!

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