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21 "Sexy" Halloween Costumes That Should Never Have Been Made

You're a sexy what?!

To quote Mean Girls:

"In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it."

Some things are just NOT meant to be sexy...

1. Sexy Burt & Ernie

2. Sexy Bacon

3. Sexy Banana

4. Sexy Angry Bird

5. Sexy Scrabble

6. Sexy Oscar the Grouch

7. Sexy SpongeBob SquarePants

8. Sexy Rooster

9. Sexy Hostess Cupcake

10. Sexy George Washington

11. Sexy Mrs. Potato Head

12. Sexy Hamburger

13. Sexy Corn on the Cob

14. Sexy Environmentalist

15. Sexy Teletubby

16. Sexy Clown

17. Sexy Shower (?)

18. Sexy Pig

19. Sexy Cindy Brady

20. Sexy Big Bird(s)

21. Sexy Chinese Food