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  • One Cat Lady’s Strongly Worded Letter To Febreze

    Dear Febreze, I would like to start out by saying that I love your products. I have been a huge consumer of various Febreze products, whether it’s the fabric spray, air spray, etc., etc. I have one in every room of my house currently and I always have one in my car. Like, I literally LOVE Febreze. However-I have an issue. There I was minding my own business watching Hulu, where the commercials are catered to YOU. I ALWAYS choose the commercials featuring cleaning products, and when the option to watch Febreze commercials is offered with a choice of a Dell and Mercedes ad sequence, I choose my wonderfully loyal friend Febreze. So in between my Mindy Project marathon, I chose the Febreze option. But then the commercial came on. It is your ad featuring a kooky redheaded woman with curls every which way and a weird, green hoodie. You’re there for her response in a product test blah blah blah…You ask her where the smelliest spot in her house is-FEBREZE TO THE RESCUE! Then, she reveals that the smelliest area is her cat box THAT HAS NOT BEEN SCOOPED IN TWO WEEKS. Really, Febreze? REALLY? Have any of you ever owned a cat? Does ONE person in you marketing department live with a feline that can attest to the fact that THIS IS LUDICROUS. No self-respecting cat owner would put his or her cat through that, AND furthermore the smelliest part of her house in this case would have been where the cat would be forced to defecate (say in her laundry or on the floor) BECAUSE THERE IS NO ROOM IN THE LITTER BOX. You would NEVER show a dog owner on your commercial failing to scoop their dogs’ poop, or clean up a puppy pad. Which brings me to another point-all your dog owning women are natural beauty queens and this woman is CLEARLY portraying a notorious cat lady. You cannot tell me that her unkempt curls and odd temperance weren’t a well-calculated twist on a modern crazy cat lady. Last, but CERTAINLY not least, YOU DON’T EVEN SHOW A CAT IN THIS COMMERCIAL. Any chance you can to sneak in a dog of some variety you jump at, but a cat? Nope! Those filthy, ruthless varmints?! Run away! Run away the same way that odors run from Febreze! I unfortunately cannot continue to buy Febreze products unless you want to start putting up ads with cute felines and their attractive, young, NOT CRAZY looking women. I am sad to say that I will no longer buy my Gain scented room spray. Oh yeah, the SAME room spray I use for my cats’ litter box that gets scooped on a regular basis. (Like every single other cat owner I have ever known and will know.) Sincerely, Cara C. Gustafson Austin, Texas P.S. I have attached a picture of a feline friend and me. I am a REAL crazy cat lady and I am not hopelessly single, I do not live amidst empty cat food tins, and I do not have an overflowing litter box.

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