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    25 Actual Life Lessons You Learned From "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure"

    I know you are, but what am I?

    1. Cultivate and protect your dreams.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Aspirations and goals do more than fuel the imagination. They force us to examine how we interact with the world and can even offer a unique perspective on the multifaceted roles we all play in life.

    Most importantly, there may come a time when a dream is the only thing you really have. So keep it close, keep it guarded, and always keep your eyes on the finish line.

    2. Greet each day with joy.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    And whenever possible, add some exercise as well. It will pay dividends to your health and happiness.

    Also, you are never too old for animal slippers.

    3. Take time to make breakfast.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    In addition to providing an opportunity for Rube Goldberg machines, eating a healthy breakfast is widely known to help regulate body weight and aid in concentration.

    4. Be silly.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    It's perfectly fine to play with your food.

    5. Good oral hygiene is a virtue.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    In addition to curbing that wicked morning mouth funk, it can help prevent the dreaded Gingivitis...

    6. Take good and loving care of your possessions.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    You're probably much better off than you realize. Show your appreciation by taking pride in the condition of your valuables.

    7. Laugh hard and laugh often.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Laughing makes you feel like a million bucks. It relieves stress and can improve the quality of life of those with serious illness. Yuk it up!

    8. Playing it off with grace is a valuable life skill.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Everyone trips from time to time. The key is not only to get back up but to do so without getting dirty.

    9. Listen more. Talk less.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Take ample opportunities to relax and passively absorb the world around you. You can learn amazing things if you only stop to listen.

    10. If you have to let someone down, do it gently.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Not everyone is going to float your boat. The right thing to do is to always be upfront and honest.

    11. Stand up for yourself.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    When you're dealing with someone who can't be reasoned with, sometimes ya gotta get a little mean.

    (I'm not condoning going toe to toe with gang members in a dark alley people. It's a movie).

    12. Be cheerful but direct regarding what you want in life.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Most of us do not possess ESP. From family life to work life, being direct but polite about your objectives and intentions will make everything ultimately easier.

    13. Be a buddy!

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    And whenever possible, go on crazy road trips with said buddy.

    14. When in doubt, improvise.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Sometimes life throws you a curve and you have to think on your feet. And sometimes that means dressing in drag to help out an escaped convict.

    15. Embrace nature.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Getting outside is wonderful for you. It's great exercise plus it often presents new opportunities to learn about the local wildlife. *Here kitty..*

    16. Make it a point to meet new and interesting people.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Especially the older generations. It is a well known fact that the more you've lived, the cooler (and possibly more terrifying) your stories are.

    17. A little kitchen work never hurt anyone.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Everyone should work a kitchen job at some point. Even if you have a separate career altogether.

    If everyone did so it would help ensure that no one would ever tip or behave badly in a restaurant ever again.

    18. Be thankful for each and every sunrise.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    You truly never know if it'l be your last time inside a giant concrete dinosaur mouth.

    19. Sing!

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Sing in the shower, sing in the car! Even if someone's looking, just get it out! Sing with friends or just serenade your very loyal and understanding pet. It's good for the soul!

    20. $hit happens.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Sometimes you just have to hold on for dear life and ride it out.

    21. The world does not, in fact, revolve around you.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    You are one single human being in a sea of many other hopes, dreams, needs, and wants. Sorry Charlie.

    22. But you were born to dance.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Dancing is one of those special cultural activities that knows no real nationality or boundary. Everyone likes to move, even if you're altogether terrible at it.

    23. Be careful about exaggerating your own abilities.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    The whole "fake it till you make it" approach can be disastrous.

    24. Be a hero, even when you're terrified.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    There's no way to tell how someone would react in an emergency, but I like to think that each of us would gather every bit of courage in order to protect those that can't protect themselves.

    25. Share the love.

    Warner Bros. / Via captmahoney

    Be generous in heart and spirit.

    Be exceptionally silly. Make mistakes. Make stupid jokes. Laugh until you want to throw up. Be adventurous. Take care of yourself. Dance. Sing. Work hard. Accept responsibility. Be thankful. Take a friend to the movies. Wear a bow tie for no damn reason. Take joy in being a good person, and share that joy with everyone.

    That is the Tao of Pee-wee's Big Adventure.

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