258.5 Pieces Of Being A Kid

It’s like Hoarders, for the Magic School Bus crowd.

1. You know that stash everyone had that contained all of the accumulated secret treasures of childhood? I found mine…

So I’m currently in that fun process of packing up my life and throwing stuff away before moving cross-country for work. On a whim I decided to check some really old boxes at my folk’s place near Atlanta. I came across a familiar sight; the ole childhood treasure box. I could be wrong but I feel like everyone had a place where they kept their coolest and most important belongings. Mine happened to be a discarded silverware case, and to a kid who aspired to nothing less than Kevin McCallister “Home Alone” status, it served me well.

The goods:

1 popsicle stick
19 Atlanta Olympic Game Pins
1 stick of gum (mint I believe)
½ a walnut
4 random keys
1 random lock
2 paint brushes with god knows what on them
2 screws
5 thumbtacks
2 combs
2 inch jagged piece of PVC pipe
1 Atlanta Knights Hockey puck
1 pack of Atlanta Knights Hockey trading cards
3 school buttons
1 Hard Rock Café button
1 “Goosebumps Rules” button
1 miniature R2D2
1 marble
1 vinyl “Creepy Crawly” bug
1 large white bead
1 Native American beaded craft
1 man with moon for head riding a motorcycle
24 feet and 3 inches of random red rope meant for magic tricks
1 Incredible Hulk McDonalds toy (still in plastic prison)
6 pogs
1 slammer
7 rocks
1 pen
1 ancient cell phone case (must have gone in there at later age)
64 cents
1 Terminator arm
1 Construx bit
3 GI Joe weapons
7 Lego weapons
89 sea shells

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