25 Of The Smuggest Animals On Earth

Well well well. Aren’t we pleased with ourselves.

1. We get it cat. We get it.

2. What, you think because you’re endangered you deserve that self-satisfied grin?

3. Epic hair styles are not an excuse for that kind of body language, sir.

5cities6women / Via wordpress.com

4. You couldn’t *not* look conceited, fox.

danwaterscreative / Via danwaterscreative.com

5. Throwin’ attitude in opposite directions, 180 degrees of shade.

rateeveryanimal / Via rateeveryanimal.com

6. If you were a human male, your name would be Tucker and/or Max.

i / Via i.imgur.com

(No offense to real-life individuals with the name Tucker or Max).

7. Chin up, eyes out.

c1 / Via flickr.com

8. “I know the ninja turtles. Well, I don’t, but my cousin’s friend from high school met one of them at an In-and-Out when he was in LA this one time.”

9. You gotta be kidding me.

10. “It’s really much better to just eat the whole thing and throw up the bones later. I don’t know why you all just can’t get with the program here.”

11. “You know that app where you catch flies?”

12. “I never use shampoo. It just sort of stays clean I guess!”

13. This smug pug needs no introduction.

14. “Everything’s just been really surreal since I got picked up by Morrissey and Ksubi. It’s life though, ya know?

G. McGeorge / Via i.dailymail.co.uk

15. “I haven’t moved in 32 hours.”

16. You know what, you can be smug all day long Mr. Seal.

17. This is the face of someone who has just initiated an extremely bad prank. I’m talking “double decker” level prank.

pixdaus / Via pixdaus.com

18. You do NOT know Sonic.

http://tbn.2 / Via encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com

19. *So…hard..to….make joke…..can’t..ignore…ears…*

20. Oh damn, we’ve got a Derek Zoolander grad over here..

blogcdn / Via blogcdn.com

21. The level of absolute contentedness has surpassed critical mass and has reached “bird on head.”

22. Stop judging me.

rateeveryanimal / Via rateeveryanimal.com

23. “Oh this old thing? I threw it together yesterday while the old man and his wife were out grocery shopping.”

suhaimiramly / Via wordpress.com

24. Not sure if smug or unconscious.

25. As if there was any doubt.

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