captioncat I am CaptionCat. I communicate to the world via Captioned Photos and Videos of myself, which is pretty awesome. Also, I have a plan for World Domination! http://MyNameIs.Lu CaptionCat. DOMINATING Social Media since 2011.
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  • Kitty Kung Fu - Ginger Fury

    MyNameIs.Lu Studios proudly presents my first #SummerBlockbuster, “#GingerFury1: TheBaggening”. A true #TentpoleMovie, this Action/Adventure/Martial-Arts Epic is sure to keep the popcorn flowing though the multiplexes all summer.

  • Kitty 420

    In honor of 420 it’s my first DOCUMENTARY, “#420”. It’s a hard-bitten, unflinching look at the subculture of ‘Nip and it’s effects on teh kittehs and society. Rated: VERITE!

  • Meow Na Mah Na

    This is the music video to my #GrammyWinning single, Meow Na Mah Na. The song is a journey through the aural landscapes of time, space and rhythm. It answers the musical question, “Is CaptionCat on the ‘nip again?” Well duh, of course I am, how do you think I’m such a #CreativeGenius?

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