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15 Journeys For Your Bucket List

Face it. You're not getting any younger. Start making a list of things you want to accomplish before you kick the bucket. This list should serve as a good jumping-off point. Also, be sure to check out the adventures of Captain Morgan, a real guy who did real awesome stuff.

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9. Go volcano boarding - Nicaragua


If sliding down an incline made of volcanic rock on a wooden board doesn't seem like your cup of tea, then take off your adventure cap and put on your boring pants. You're boring.

11. Sandboarding in Chile

Carlos Varela / Via Flickr: c32

It's like snow boarding, except when you fall, your jacket isn't filled with snow. In fact, your jacket isn't filled with anything. There is no jacket. You're in Chile.

14. Alnwick Poison Garden - England

Humphrey Bolton / Via

Why focus on the healing and aesthetic value of plants? If you're willing to give as much due to deadly natural growth, then go no further than the Alnwick Poison Garden, located on the English countryside.

15. GO TO SPACE!!!


Soon, thanks to new technologies, you'll be able to go where few men have gone before - space. A quick ride into the cosmos is within reach for space tourists - but for a pretty penny. 200,000,000 pennies, to be exact.