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Jack-O-Lantern Punch

Don't let the blood fool you, this is some wicked good punch!

Rum Root Beer Float Pops

When this diner treat becomes your dessert pick me up!

Piña Colada Float

Your friends will thank you later for this pineapple treat

Paradise Punch Ice Bowl

You'll feel like you've stepped onto a Tropical Island after a sip of this punch

10 Helpful Reviews Of Fictional Places

Traveling to Mordor? Better read the reviews first. For your biggest adventures, Captain Morgan has you covered.

The Origins Of The Tastiest Pairings

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12 Simple Ways To Throw A Classy Halloween Party

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16 People Who Aren't Quite Ready For Adventure

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24 Dogs Who Are Waiting For You To Take Them On An Adventure

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22 Of The Greatest Cat Escapes

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15 Journeys For Your Bucket List

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9 People Who Have Conquered Nature

Nature is a fickle beast. These people told nature to go find someone else to pick on. Read about these amazing stories, and be sure to check out Captain Morgan's YouTube page to keep up with the real life adventures of real-person Captain Henry Morgan.

15 Examples Of Why You Can't Even Handle Earth Right Now

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10 Most Insane Parties In History

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15 Things You Didn't Know About 15 Captains, Commanders And Conquerors

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