12 Simple Ways To Throw A Classy Halloween Party

Put down the fake spiderweb and step away from the dancing skeleton. Throw a party in style, with help from Captain Morgan.

1. Print spooky images onto old book pages.

ExLibrisJournals / etsy.com

ExLibrisJournals / etsy.com

ExLibrisJournals / etsy.com


Or buy these prints here.

2. Go vintage with some black and white bunting.

BeeBuzzPaperie / Via etsy.com

Get this one here.

3. Make centerpieces mixing pillar candles and “things in jars.”

TheMonkeyRodeo / Via etsy.com

Buy a full set here or make your own.

4. Cover pillows in fabric inspired by curiosity shops.

PookieAndJack / Via etsy.com

Buy this cover here or learn how to make a no-sew pillowcase here.

5. Serve apple cider in hollowed-out apples.

K.Gerhardt / Via Shutterstock

Make it spiked cider with a little Captain Morgan. Recipe here.

6. Instead of carving, wrap pumpkins in gold leaf.

Le Living and Co. / Via Flickr: lelivingandco

Leave some bare and paint some black to use the gold as an accent. Details here.

7. Make an adult pumpkin pie.

RJ Grant / Via Shutterstock

Try this one, which adds spiced rum to the mix.

8. Make old-timey warning labels that double as drink name tags.

StaziesStitchesNStuff / Via etsy.com

Make ‘em or buy ‘em here.

9. Serve black and white candy in apothecary jars.

Black licorice, chocolate-covered almonds, small mints—vary the type and shape of your treats. Buy this set.

10. Surround your outdoor space with candles.

Michael Cavén / Via Flickr: mcaven

It’s elegant and ominous at the same time.

11. Use gothic silhouettes to decorate your walls.

wordybirdstudios / Via etsy.com

You could leave these birdcages up year round!

12. Make obituary place cards.

Get the baroque frames here.

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