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17 Hard Truths About Growing Up Vegetarian

"But how can you give up bacon?"

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1. When there was literally NO OTHER OPTION:

#growingupvegetarian eating pasta EVERY SINGLE NIGHT

2. These people were literally the worst:

#GrowingUpVegetarian "doesn't that mean you're killing plants which is just like killing animals"

3. Google exists for a reason:

#growingupvegetarian “what do you even eat? Fried lettuce” “wait you eat cheese?” “What's the difference between vegan and vegetarian?” 😒

4. And later you realized that even the fries weren't vegetarian:

#growingupvegetarian Not being able to eat anything at McDonald's except fries and drinks


5. "But I just couldn't give up bacon!":

#growingupvegetarian having people tell you "oh I was vegetarian for like 3 days"

6. Having to explain your diet to people:

#growingupvegetarian "how do you eat eggs if you're vegetarian, it's basically chicken" erm no

7. And then being left with only a few crackers and some cheese:

#growingupvegetarian having to give the meat from ur lunchable to one of ur friends

8. When people got angry just because you stated your opinion:

Me: "Maybe we shouldn't eat animals." Classmates: "No that's stupid you're stupid animals are beneath us bible said." #GrowingUpVegetarian


9. Sometimes you just avoided eating at certain people's houses:

#GrowingUpVegetarian having the awkward conversation with your friends' parents when they make a dinner with meat in it😐

10. Some people just DIDN'T UNDERSTAND:

#growingupvegetarian "so do you like only eat salad?"

11. Jerks like this:

#growingupvegetarian "do u want any chicken" ha ha ha such a funny joke

12. When everyone felt the need to tell you this:

#GrowingUpVegetarian "so why don't you eat meat?" *gives a bunch of reasons why i refuse to eat it* "that's stupid you need to eat meat"


13. *rolls eyes*:

when ppl tried to have you eat the school meat because it 'wasn't real meat' #growingupvegetarian

14. And you ended up having to settle for toast and some carrots:

#growingupvegetarian When you're hungry as hell but ur mom is trying to figure out what the fuck to feed you

15. When your family had no options without meat:

I've been eating rice for the past two days. #growingupvegetarian

16. C'mon guys:

#GrowingUpVegetarian ur friends make plans to go to chicken restaurants completely forgetting ur veggie

17. *loud sigh*:

#growingupvegetarian "how do you get your protein?!?"

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