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19 Styles You'll Find On One Williamsburg Street Corner

Fashionable people alert! Check out this wide array of looks captured in a single afternoon with a Canon PowerShot camera. You'll start to believe that Williamsburg is just as trendy as TV told you it is.

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7. Day Owl

If Rebecca's outfit doesn't scream "marketing manager by day and DJ by night" to you, then you're clueless and you should ask Rebecca to take you shopping. She's a marketing manager by day and a DJ by night.

10. Tailored to Perfection

Self-described 198-year-old Jennifer, a Williamsburg filmmaker, sure knows what will read on camera. Her red leggings and frayed skirt will have you reconsidering Mom's birthday present.

12. Sultry Slytherin

Adrien's bright demeanor might lead you to believe she's wearing a floral print. But don't be deceived: They're snake heads. She's all about the slimy beasts, and we're ALL about her because of it.