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19 Styles You'll Find On One Williamsburg Street Corner

Fashionable people alert! Check out this wide array of looks captured in a single afternoon with a Canon PowerShot camera. You'll start to believe that Williamsburg is just as trendy as TV told you it is.

1. T-Shirt Chic

2. Right Out of Bed

3. Barely-There Leather

4. Husband Pants

5. Zipped Down

6. Geared Up

7. Day Owl

8. The "Exactly-What-You-Wish-You-Could-Pull-Off-But-Never-Could" Look

9. Man Purse

10. Tailored to Perfection

11. Scarves and Sleeves

12. Sultry Slytherin

13. European

14. "Not Trying"

15. Skull and Bones (and Boots)

16. Orange Is the New Pants

17. Nothing but Lips

18. Laser Jesus

19. Adorable-Casual