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24 Reasons Why 3D Street Art Is The Best

Things are not always as they seem. Be ready to capture all those special moments with a new Canon PowerShot.

1. You can live out your life long dream of playing trombone while standing on a table with one leg:

2. It's a nice place to relax for a martini or three:

3. You can party like there's no tomorrow:

4. And get a wee bit tipsy with a friend:

5. It makes for a great Jazz venue:

6. And it's awesome for bringing down the house:

7. It's a nice place to take a quick dip:

8. Or to lounge about:

9. And show off your guns:

10. And impress everyone around you:

11. You can rob a bank:

12. And make away with all the loot:

13. But just don't get caught:

14. You can dig up some nifty fossils:

15. And look very excited while doing so:

16. You can bust a move:

17. Or become one with the dinosaurs:

18. You can perform delicate archaeological work:

19. Or not:

20. You can live life on the edge:

21. Or make someone walk the plank:

22. You can look for buried treasure:

23. And nosh on some grog:

24. But most importantly you can live out your childhood pirate dreams: