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    Americans Don't Have Kettles And Britain Is Freaking Out

    "How do they live??!?!??"

    Naturally, many people are confused to learn that the land of the free (the home of the brave) does not include an abundance of electric kettles. / Via

    I mean, how do Americans cope without their scalding hot, weirdly plasticky tasting hotel tea when they're on holiday?

    Why don't American hotels have kettles! Schoolboy error

    Next thing, you'll be telling me that they don't have powdered milk sachets either.

    Others can't quite believe that such a thing could be anything other than fiction. / Via

    Of course, some people have got to make it political. / Via

    Or should that be poliTEAcal? (Probably not).

    People are even asking Yahoo Answers about it.

    Mostly, people just very worried that our friends across the pond are missing out.

    American tweetlings, how do you survive without electric kettles? Why aren't they a thing there? How do you make tea? I cant comprehend this


    There is a surging undercurrent of concern, pity and dismay to all of these, to be honest.

    It turns out (prepare yourself) that a lot of Americans use the microwave to heat water for tea. / Via

    But don't worry - not all Americans shun the electric kettle. / Via

    Kettles are becoming a cult favourite; the underground indie kid of the kitchen appliance world.

    In fact in America, kettles are on their way to gaining their own fandom... / Via

    (Please let there be an offshoot from the Sherlock fandom specifically for British kitchen appliances! Please!?)

    Those Americans who DO have kettles are mystified by their unique, kettlesome ways. / Via

    It just wants to sing you the song of its people!

    There are some people who are deeply committed to assuring the world that America isn't a barren, kettle-less wasteland.

    But needless to say, America doesn't have enough electric kettles to rival this well known British phenomenon

    But why don't Americans use electric kettles? It all boils (sorry) down to the voltage available in America.