The 25 Best Cat Cards For Every Type Of Person

Who doesn’t love a fluffy cat that you can relate to?

1. For: The Forgetful One


4. For: The “Congrats on the weight loss!”

Healthy weight loss, of course.

5. For: The Punny One


6. For: Your Main Squeeze

So cute.

7. For: Your Best Friend

Okay, there’s not a cat on this one.

8. For: The Cat Connoisseur

…actually this is a mini poster, but it’s so cool.

9. For: The Graduate

Because, nothing is better than seeing a cat in a cap and gown.

10. For: A Beautiful Person

The light hits them just right.

11. For: Your Future Fiancé

Because, the only way to get her to say yes is by giving her/him a cat card.

12. For: Eh…I’m not sure


13. For: The Brunch Gal Pal

Cheers ladies.

14. For: The Smart One

Get it.

15. For: The Political Buff

Let me just say, this card is entitled, “Cats, Meowmore, Rushmore.”

16. For: The Sassy One

The card says, “are you kitten me?

17. For: The Fitness Guru

Yes, and I do not.

18. For: The Outdoorsman

You can smell the campfire from here.

19. For: The Dreamer

You got this.

20. For: The Bookworm

Workin’ on that novel?

21. For: Your Accident Prone Friend

…or friend that lives in Chicago

22. For: The Foodie

Cats + ice cream = purrrfect

23. For: The Fashionista

Where’d you get that sweater?

24. For: The Adventurer

Look at the round little starfish.

25. For: The Workaholic

Just lil business cat wearing your favorite tie.

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