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Combat Juggling Is The Greatest Sport You Don't Already Know About

The Battle Royale of all jugglers.

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Major League Combat


There is a world where juggling is more than just for clowns...and it's vicious. The World Juggling Foundation has a very unique category: Major League Combat. The sport is comprised of two teams, each with five members hailing three clubs, prepared to viciously fight to be the last man standing.

Before the Whistle


Awaiting the game to begin, a handful of young adults stand along the sidelines preparing themselves for the perfect attack, clubs in hand. Each team member contemplates new and inventive ways to end someone's juggling ability, and might I add, not so politely.

The Game


Much like Dodgeball, once the initial whistle is blown, you fight until the last man is standing. The teams sprint to the middle of the court, and fight to protect their clubs, and destroy each other's. The winner must maintain a continual juggle while striking down a competitor's pins.

The Cause


The World Juggling Federation recognizes that juggling is a one-man sport and tends to isolate enthusiasts, as much of the training is on their own. However, the Major League Combat division, "provides a team sport venue for jugglers to join who otherwise may have lived a life of solitude as a lone juggler without purpose." How cool is that?

People Get Really Into It


Joe (pictured above) got the "first depiction of juggling ever recorded in history" tattooed on his back, after falling in love with the sport. Because it doesn't focus on tricks and receiving the traditional ooohs and ahhhs associated with juggling, Major League Combat requires less time learning to actually juggle and more time practicing strength and agility.

Check Out the Short Documentary Piece

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