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53 Thoughts Every Senior Has Before They Graduate

The graduation scaffolding is in sight. You've got this...right?

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1. Is this the peak of my life?

2. I wonder if I'll die alone.

3. All my friends are getting engaged.

4. What are the odds that life after school will be like Girls?

5. I hope I don't end up being a Marnie.

6. Shit, I'm already complaining. It's happening.

7. This is my last ____/I’ll never have a ____ again.

8. I miss being abroad. I could do whatever I wanted.

9. Didn't I just graduate from High School?

10. Freshmen don't even know.

11. That one's actually pretty cute.

12. Nope. Nope. Nope. I'm a senior. Is he even legal?

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13. At least I'll have my friends.

14. Hold on a sec. They're moving away?

15. How will I find new friends? Networking lunches?

16. Next stop loser express.

17. Thank God I'll have Netflix.

18. My mom is becoming my best friend.

19. I'm getting old.

20. Maybe I should just go to graduate school.

21. How does one afford anything? I'd have to take out more loans.

22. My life will be over as soon as I walk across that stage.

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23. Cover letter, resume, interview, repeat.

24. There are so many job postings. My resume is just one in a pack of thousands.

25. How am I supposed to have experience for an entry level job? I am not qualified for anything.

26. I got a second person this time. What do I wear?

27. I got a job. Woah, I’m growing up.

28. Hell yeah. I'm likable. Somebody in this world has faith in me.

29. Wait! There are so many possibilities.

30. Yeah, my life is gonna be great. I'm going to get an apartment, have soirées, and Game of Thrones watching parties.

31. But first, I must learn how to cook things other than mac and cheese.

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32. I'm gonna have so much time to work out and get healthy.

33. But I'll be working 50+ hours a week.

34. I think my metabolism is slowing down.

35. Naps sound pretty cool actually.

36. I have to get up this early every morning?

37. I'll be done with school and have so much freedom.

38. I can travel and do all this cool stuff...I'm young.

39. Yeah, now's the time to make mistakes.

40. But how do I afford all that? Where do I get all the money?

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41. How much should I be saving a month?

42. I hope I can see my mom soon.

43. If one more person asks me what I want to do...

44. Did I even choose the right major?

45. Maybe my essay from sophomore year will work for this one.

46. Maybe I should have gone the business route.

47. Psh NAH.

48. I have so much work to do for my senior thesis.

49. Maybe I should just fail this class, so I can stay longer.

50. I'm so busy. I never see my friends.

51. It's already April?! I graduate in just a few weeks.

52. My God. I think I’m gonna throw up.

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