26 Signs You Go To Pepperdine

AYO Waves. Never speak of Poseidon

1. An ocean view is just another day at the office

Via Instagram/blgibson

2. “So Blessed” is part of your daily vocabulary

3. You have hundreds of sunset photos

Via Vine/CandaceLowry

4. You’ve mastered the art of uphill parallel parking

5. You have calves of steel from all the stairs

Work out? Nah, I just have the CCB stairs

6. You have to drive through various terrifying canyons to get to parties

7. You get to say you go to the real Pacific Coast Academy

Zoey 101 was filmed here NBD

8. You don’t understand the concept of a dorm party

Dry campus for lyfe

9. You’re used to everyone smiling…everywhere

10. Waking up to overcast depresses you

11. Seeing guys in striped “Bro Tanks” has become the norm

12. Surfing is a coveted PE class

13. Pop up worship and prayer sessions occur regularly

14. A ring by spring is not surprising—it’s expected

15. Studying abroad is basically part of your college experience

16. You don’t get all the football hype…

…because you are used to not having a football team…Football? forget that! Our athletes are water polo, tennis, and volleyball players!

17. You have a ton of extremely wealthy friends

This car was parked nicely is a cozy spot on campus

18. Your professors hand out baked goods and invite you to their houses

19. Many of your friends didn’t have their first drink until 21

20. You have a love/hate relationship with Willy the Wave

Great hair, creepy smile

21. You know the PCH like the back of your hand

22. Wednesdays at 10 AM. ‘Nuff said

23. Sororities and Fraternities actually like each other

24. Songfest is a campus-wide holiday

25. Adam Sandler and Pamela Anderson are basically honorary students

26. You have an unwarranted hatred towards LMU


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