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21 Cookie Butter Recipes You Must Know About

Biscoff + Butter? Hurry! There's no time to lose!

1. Salted Chocolate Cookie Butter Bark

Perfect for a snack on the go, right? Full recipe here.

2. Chocolate Chip Biscoff Cheesecake Bites

If you want to deviate from the ole plain cheesecake routine. Full recipe.

3. Cookie Butter Brown Sugar Cookie

For the one who loves the simple things in life. Recipe.

4. Biscoff Semifreddo

How fancy! This frozen egg white, sugary concoction is perfect for a hot summer day. Recipe.

5. Chocolate Biscoff Macarons

More? Oui Oui! Recipe.

6. Biscoff Cups

Tired of peanut butter cups? Here's your alternative.

7. Cookie Butter Pie

PIE! Everybody loves pie, right? Cookie butter + Oreos = pure heaven. Recipe.

8. Cookie Butter Coffee Cake Muffins

Is there anything better to wake up to? Recipe.

9. Gooey Biscoff Chocolate Chip Cake Bars

Excuse me while I go make these real quick — Recipe.

10. Biscoff Fudgesicles

Spectacular flavor included. Rocket ship shape optional. Full recipe.

11. Cookie Butter S'mores

Camping on the next level by creating these bad boys.

12. Cookie Butter Banana Bread

We gotta get those servings of fruit in there somehow. Recipe.

13. The Cookie Butter Milkshaketini

Getting my drink on and my nomz on. Recipe.

14. Cookie Butter Poptarts

Move over, mixed berry swirl. This guy's in town.

15. Cookie Butter Truffles

A great way to maintain proper serving sizes...I'll just take four....Recipe.

16. No-Bake Cookie Butter Cookies

In a hurry? Have no fear! This recipe is here.

17. The Cookie Butter Scone

Behold! Something that revolutionizes the typical Sunday brunch. Recipe.

18. Cookie Butter Funfetti Triple Chip Bars

19. White Chocolate Cookie Butter Filled Cupcake

The perfect surprise inside! Recipe.

20. Cookie Butter Tiramisu

The perfect coffee pairing. Recipe.

21. Biscoff Spread Gooey Butter Cake

Cookie butter on cookie butter. Recipe.