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18 Things Second Semester Seniors Are Sick Of Hearing

*puffs out chest* Finish strong, don't cry.

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1. How many more weeks is it now?

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2. Sorry, I can't come. I have an interview.

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3. I just really feel so over school and ready to work.

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4. I just realized this is our last _____ ever.

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5. So, where do you want to be in five years?

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6. Do you know where you're living after?

7. If you are in a relationship: So are you getting engaged or breaking up?

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8. How's the job search going?

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9. Embrace the unknown!

10. Emails that start with "Hi Graduating Seniors!"

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11. Let's do it after the baccalaureate.

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12. You better start networking.

13. Magna/Summa/Regular Cum Laude

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14. Everything will work out.

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15. Enjoy goes by fast.

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16. You have your whole life ahead of you.

17. Make mistakes while you still can.

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18. Entry level position: 1-2 years experience required.

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