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16 Things Your Mom Says When She Joins Facebook

Wait, what is the purpose of a "wall" again?

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1. Someone just poked me! What is that?

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2. I want to tell (insert gal pal's name) something, but I don't want the world to see it. Is there some sort of way I can send them something privately?

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3. Why do people keep posting pictures of sad dogs and then writing a long story about it?

4. I thought the status bar was the search bar...

5. Look at all these old scanned pictures of me from college.

6. What is Farm Heroes Saga?

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7. How do I change my profile picture?


8. Why aren't you and I friends?

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9. You wanna see what my high school boyfriend looks like now?

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10. Who's that boy in all your pictures?

11. I'm reuniting with all my sorority sisters! We all want to get our daughters together.

Netflix / Via

12. Can you walk me through uploading an album again?

13. I'm posting this on your wall! Check it out! (cue picture of cat)

14. (Friends name)'s boy turned out so cute. Have you ever thought about dating him?


15. How can I "tag" someone in my status?

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16. Everyone just brags about their "hubby" on here.



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