This Corgi Run Game Is Just What You Need To Distract Yourself From Real Life

    If you love classic arcade games, then this corgi run challenge will be your new favorite distraction.

    Play here:

    Click here to open the game in a new window.

    Or keep reading to learn how to play the game above.

    This corgi is on the move! Bet you can't play this game just once. Just tap START on the game above to get started!

    Playing is easy: When you see an obstacle coming up, tap the red button to make our little corgi jump over it!

    Just be sure to heed the tips, unless you want your little corgi to go poof!

    See that beautiful rainbone? Tap the red button to jump and grab it.

    The more rainbones you collect the higher your score soars!

    When you're done, share your score with your friends. Can they beat you?

    Or just admit you're addicted and tap that play again button to give it another go! Head back to the top of this post to play!

    How'd you do? Let us know in the comments below! Still need to try it? Click here to open the game in a new window.

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