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19 Times Derek And Fredrik From "Million Dollar Listing" Were The Cutest Couple Ever

Million Dollar couple.

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1. When they flawlessly wore black tie.

2. When they showed off how much they love their dogs...

3. ...and when they wasted away a Sunday morning playing with them in their bed.

4. When Derek cooked dinner for Fredrik for their anniversary.

5. When their dates were anything but dull.

Not your typical dinner and a movie outing.

6. When they celebrated the historic marriage quality ruling.

"Derek and I were up in the air when the news broke. We had been waiting, actually I have been waiting for this very day for what seems forever. We just landed in this paradise and ran straight into the water, now screaming and celebrating. Because yes, TODAY is that big, big day! The Supreme Court of the United States did listen to the people. People like myself, who desire to marry the one that that I love." —@fredrikeklundny

7. When they wore matching white tuxes on their wedding day with their dogs in-hand.

8. When they showed how in love they were post nuptials...

Bravo TV


9. ...and they were literally inseparable the entire night.

10. When they revealed they go shopping together because they wear the same size.

11. When they worked out together.

A couple who sweats together, stays together.

12. When they upped the traditional sunset pic with a cute kiss.

13. When Fredrik romantically surprised Derek with their new home.

...complete with dinner, rose petals, and a harpist.
Bravo TV

...complete with dinner, rose petals, and a harpist.

14. When they gave each other foot rubs while sunbathing.

15. And when they helped each other put on sunblock. / Via

16. When they traveled on an airplane in seats that are literally connected to each other.

17. When they swam together in the infinity pool of your dreams.

18. When Derek told Fredrik he was ready to have a baby and the waterworks ensued.

19. And when Fredrik adorably announced that he and Derek had a baby girl coming soon.

Lucky Milla, you're going to have the best Dads ever. 💕

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