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20 Times "D.E.B.S." Sparked Your Lesbian Sexual Awakening

Lucy Diamond alone probably single-handedly caused it, but let's go in order, shall we?

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6. When they put their guns down because the chemistry is palpable right away.

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Amy: "I'm writing a term paper on you."

Lucy: "You're kidding me."

Amy: "No, it's for Capes and Capers: Gender Reconstruction and the Criminal Mastermind. It's a really popular class."

Lucy: "Oh come on!"


15. When Amy claimed she was "doing research" and you thought about how you'd like to "do research" too.

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Mrs. Peatree: "Are you kidding me? We conduct a nationwide manhunt for you and you're boning the suspect? Did you think this was a joke? "Let's divert federal resources and man hours so I can have my collegiate lesbian fling in style.""

Amy: "I was doing research."

Mrs. Peatree: "I'll bet."

16. When Lucy is willing to give up her life of crime for Amy.

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Scud: "Do you love her?"

Lucy: [sincerely nods]

Scud: "You're willing to give up all this, the life of crime, the whole nine yards?"

Lucy: "Whatever it takes."

Awwww, she's even willing to give up her villainess extraordinaire lair — now that's commitment.


17. When Amy proclaims her love for Lucy in front of the entire D.E.B.S. academy, reputation be damned.

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Amy: "...the truth is, the times I spent with Lucy Diamond were the happiest days of my life. And the only brave thing I've done this whole time is what I'm doing now. So if you'll excuse me, I have a date with the devil."