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19 Dreams Every "Gilmore Girls" Fan Wishes Would Come True

Stopping by Luke's for coffee is a must.

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11. Taking leisurely strolls around town and listening to the troubador.

A walk around the town square wouldn't be complete without hearing one of his songs. "Wake me up, before you go go... take me dancing tonight." ♪

15. Attending one-of-a-kind events, like the Living Art festival or the Bracebridge Dinner.

Stars Hollow is host to some of the most unique (and unforgettable) festivals and celebrations of all time.

17. Grabbing a bite at Weston Bakery.

Fran Weston makes some great pies... especially if you're avoiding Luke because you two got in a fight. Although one taste of her coffee and you'll be considering making your apologies.

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